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The pilots

   Alfred Norén

Hello and welcome to café Lotsutkiken.

Dating from the 20th century, the little house still stands in its splendor.

The pilot lookout has been in different places over the years.

The house was put into use as a pilot lookout in 1931. Before that, the pilot lookout was located for 60 years on the Government bastion next to the old hot tub house. When more and more construction at Tjärhovet under late 1920s began to obscure the clear view from the Government, the lookout was moved to the southwestern part of what was then Tjärhovet.

A protected pilot harbor was also built there, at the same time as Grimskär was stopped as a kind of marina.

This house was in use as a pilot lookout until 1955 when the current house was completed on the site of the former foundation Tärnör. Lotsutkiken has since been moved a hundred meters southwest since they were taken out of use as lookouts. Where today it houses fika sugna guests instead of pilots.


Catering & Adventure 

For those extra special moments in life

We are here here both for the coffee break or for the private event. You can book us for your party or your wedding indoors or outdoors, you set the rules, we give you the experience and the memories.

Ett stone's throw from the sea, we want to join

warmth & joy give you a good time.


Our sandwiches

All the bread we serve is baked from scratch
Danish Viennese bakery i 
Kalmar .

Which every morning delivers fresh bread!


Contact / Phone 0480-18996

Hope to hear from you

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